Monday, September 16, 2019

Engage the millions of newly eligible American Legion Family members

Thanks to the LEGION Act and Auxiliary membership change, we have an unprecedented opportunity to grow the nation's most influential veterans service organization.

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Engage the millions of newly eligible American Legion Family members 

Dear American Legion Family and Friends,

While the LEGION Act ushered in an opportunity to grow our membership, it wasn't the only recent significant change to eligibility in The American Legion Family.

During our 101st National Convention, a change to The American Legion's NationalConstitution and Bylaws was approved to welcome "spouses" rather than just "wives" as members of an American Legion Auxiliary unit. The LEGION Act alone creates an opportunity to engage and add up to 4.2 million new members who were not eligible under the previous standards set by Congress. And, of course, the LEGION Act also means that sons and grandsons of these new eligible veterans are now able to become members of Sons of The American Legion.

Thanks to these changes, The American Legion Family should be able to grow our total membership well beyond the current number of roughly 3 million members.

Just think what more than 3 million American Legion Family members will be able to do for their communities across the nation.

More of our nation's veterans will receive the assistance they need from The American Legion.

More children will learn about patriotism, appreciate flag etiquette and receive mentorship.

More wounded servicemembers will receive care, support and essential equipment to boost their recoveries.

More veteran-friendly legislation will pass through the bodies of Congress and Statehouses across our great nation.

The list goes on and on, of course. But what is vital to note is we have an unprecedented opportunity in front of us. It is not an understatement to say that every single living U.S. veteran with an honorable discharge is eligible for membership in The American Legion. And the spouses of these veterans are also entitled to join The American Legion Auxiliary.

Through the LEGION Act and bylaw changes, The American Legion is truly building a foundation for the future.

For God and Country,

James W. "Bill" Oxford
National Commander


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September 16, 2019

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