Thursday, October 31, 2019

Basic training for the American Legion

Learn about The American Legion
How much do you know about the organization you belong?

Being a member of The American Legion is rewarding. Participating in their rituals and events make the time with the group memorable. The American Legion is founded in 1919 and has a strong history of advocacy and programs, that have impacted individuals, cities, states, and the nation.

Take the Basic Training

When we went off to basic training or boot camp after signing up or being drafted we learned the basics of being a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine. Without knowing the basics there is nothing to build from.

As a member of the American Legion please consider taking the American Legion Basic Training course.

The website is: and it is free of charge. This is an online self-paced course that teaches Legionnaires about the history and structure of The American Legion. From our founding in 1919 to today. The course is free of charge to members.

I high recommend this program for Legionnaires.

Make it a great day,

Mark Sutton
Public Relations Director
American Legion Department of Michigan
517-371-4720 ext 116
American Legion Department of Michigan | 212 N. Verlinden Ave, Lansing, MI 48915
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Community Events

Subject: Community Events

Community Contacts
LeDene Lewis – Detroit Lighthouse Community Theatre (
John Pelletier – Folds of Honor (
Charles Staples – Detroit Police Department (
Lisa McClendon – Detroit Police Department (
Mona Ali - Mayor's Office Department of Neighborhoods, District 7 Manager (
William Browning – VA Hospital, Chief of Volunteer & Community Relations (
Camille Randle – VA Hospital, Voluntary Service Specialist (
Brenda Finney – VA Hospital, Women Veterans Program Manager (
Lisa Olney – VA Hospital, Public Affairs Officer (
Mark Meadows – VA Hospital, Community Employment Coordinator (
Alexis Harrison-Derriso – VA Hospital, Program Support Assistance (
Tyrone Chatman – Michigan Veterans Foundation, Executive Director & CEO (
Lenore Bolthouse – Yankee Air Museum Rosies, Event Coordinator (
Cody Snell – U.S Army Recruiter (
Derek Gallegos – National Guard Recruiting & Retention NCO (
Raven Saddler – National Guard Recruiting & Retention NCO (
Richard Estes – National Guard Recruiter (
Joseph Frederick – National Guard Wayne State ROTC/RRNCO (
Nicholas Rivera – National Guard Wayne State ROTC (
Brian Webb – Dept of Health & Human Services, Community Practices & Innovation Sec (
Chaka McDonald – Oakland Community Health Network, Veteran & Military Families Navigator (
Chris Brown – Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, Veteran Navigator (
Emily Ferstle Angus – Mission Continues, City Impact Manager (
Jamie McMillen – Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries-Volunteer Coordinator (
Chris Economeas – Detroit Pistons, Community & Social Responsibility Manager (
Chelsey Oeffler – Detroit Pistons, Community & Social Responsibility Coordinator (
Lora Underwood – National Kidney Foundation, Program Coordinator (
Gregory Spight – American Legion, Commander (
Tara Revyn – Mission BBQ, Catering Specialist/Community Ambassador (
Lisa Whitmore-Davis – AARP Michigan, Associate State Director Multicultural & Community Engagement (
Geoffrey Devereaux – No Veteran Left Behind, Executive Director (
Stephanie Shannon – Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment, Founder & CEO (
Earnett Nolden – Women Veteran Interactive (
Monique Baker-McCormick – Wayne County Commissioner, District 6 (
Linda Wesley – Office of Council President Brenda Jones, Community Relations Manager (
David Zarek - Horses Heal Hearts of Michigan, President (
John Stauffer - Michigan Veteran Resource Service Center, Manager (
Kwesi Betserai - Wayne County Veterans Services Division, Director (
Beverlyn Hilton - Wayne County Community Outreach, Director (
Ian Perry - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Committee Chair (
Ken Roach - Michigan Youth Challenge Academy, Operations SNCO (
Vida Joiner Frost - Women's Army Corps Veteran Association (
Miguel Thorton - Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Detroit Chapter President (
Dr. Mary Welsh - Susie Q's Kids, Inc. President, SCP, SPHR (
Jeana Bunn-Hector - U.S. Census Bureau, Data Dissemination Specialist (
Nadine Jones – Love A Michigan Vet Project, Director (   

(313) 655-9570

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

My HealtheVet Update | October 23, 2019

Secure Messaging | Million Veteran Program | Flu Shot | Recipes for Diabetics | Breast Cancer Screening | Agent Orange | Cholesterol | Web U

my health e vet - w w w dot my health dot v a dot gov

Using Secure Messaging Correctly

Veteran using Secure Messaging correctly

How My HealtheVet can help

You may not be able to travel to your medical center or spend time on the phone about non-urgent questions. Like email, Secure Messaging allows you to contact your health care team. But there are some things to know before pressing send. Learn more.
A doctor examining a sample

The Million Veteran Program Wants You

Did you know that by participating in the Million Veteran Program, you can help future Veterans? You can help VA researchers make discoveries and learn how to improve treatment on subjects like cancer, heart disease, and PTSD. Learn more
Veteran receiving flu shot

Say 'Boo' to the Flu

While Halloween is still a few weeks away, flu season is already here. Even if you've taken all the right steps to stay healthy, you still need a flu shot every fall. It's the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu. Learn more.
Family enjoying a diabetic-friendly meal

Recipes for a Diabetic-Friendly Meal

If you have diabetes, knowing what to do during family dinners can be tough. VA has healthy recipes everyone can enjoy. Whether you or someone you know has diabetes, you can cook a delicious diabetic-friendly meal. Learn more.
Veteran getting screened for breast cancer

When to Get Screened for Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a perfect reminder to get your mammogram. Over 70 percent of women Veterans receive mammograms through VA. Find out how often VA and My HealtheVet recommend you get screened. Learn more
Agent Orange

Agent Orange and Online Help

During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military used Agent Orange. Did you know that VA recognizes certain health conditions are associated with Agent Orange exposure, including many diseases and several forms of cancer? Learn more.
Veteran buying healthy food at the store

Tips to Control Your Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, you're at risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. The good news is that you can lower and control your cholesterol by adopting healthy lifestyle changes. Learn more.
A veteran on My HealtheVet's home page

How Busy Is My HealtheVet?

From the number of Secure Messages sent, to the number of My HealtheVet users, and even the number of refills requested, you'll find it all on our new My HealtheVet data page, updated every quarter. Learn more.

Learn where you can get your flu shot today!

If you are new to My HealtheVet, be sure to upgrade your account so you can use all these great features. Upgrade today!
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Veterans Health Administration · 810 Vermont Avenue, NW · Washington, DC 20420 · 877-222-VETS (877-222-8387)

Monday, October 21, 2019

Free admission to Veterans and their families on Veterans Day

Free admission to veterans and their families
The Museum will only be open to Veterans and their families on
Monday November 11th for this special occasion.  
NOTE: The Yankee Air Museum is usually closed on Mondays, but for this day only the museum will be open to Veterans.
At East Side, Willow Run Airport
47884 D Street Belleville, Mi 48111
(734) 483-4030
Yankee Air Museum | 47884 D St., Belleville, MI 48111-1126
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