Friday, May 15, 2020

Zone 1 Commanders Report

To say that 2019-2020 Legion Year, for the 1st Zone and the 1st and 16th Districts,
has been an extraordinary year, would be an understatement. The Covid-19
outbreak and the spread in America, has affected every aspect of our lives. As of
May 10,2020, 4551 Michiganders have died, from the pandemic. The 1st Zone, city
of Detroit and Wayne County has suffered the brunt of the fatalities (Detroit –
9786 cases / 1187 deaths, Wayne County 8289 cases / 910 deaths). To many of
our Posts have lost someone they know, a post member, or loved one. The 1st
Zone lost our 1st District, 2nd Vice Commander and Post 505 Commander
Guadalupe Luna. In addition, the Department had to close, Post’s have had to
cease activities at their posts homes and the State Convention had to be
cancelled. Through it all, the old 1st District and 17th Districts managed to
complete their merger and finish the membership year, as a united and merged
1st District. The 1st District played a key role, in supporting the hugely successful
Vietnam War Memorial event in Livonia. Post 32 hosted the 1st District’s
Membership Roundup on, March 14, 2020, in which we were able to transfer 52
members, from Post 225 and get 12 new members into District posts. Congrats to
1st Zone Posts 126, 202, 231, 372 and 375, for achieving 100%. A special shout
out to 1st District Commander, Jeff Haeseker and 16th District Commander, Ed
Gorecki for their leadership and support, during 2019-2020. As a reminder to all
posts, please send in your CPRs, on line is the easiest way. I look forward to
serving with them again, during 2020-2021 and once again being able, to be
around our 1st Zone Michigan Legion Family.

1st Zone Commander’s Report
Gregory Spight