Monday, October 5, 2020

Department Commander Message after MI Supreme Court Ruling

Message from Department Commander Wood about the State Supreme Court Ruling
Moving Forward
On Friday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that the executive orders issued by the executive branch were unconstitutional. Those E.O.'s have kept Legionnaires from opening their post homes, or limiting service, and shutting down bingo.  Post homes and bingo are a source of revenue that provides the resources American Legion programs need.

One of the last E.O.'s issued did reopen bingo (with restrictions) and indoor gatherings in order for Posts to meet again if they had large enough spaces starting October 9.

Does this mean Posts can now just reopen and disregard all the precautions? I Don't Know, watching the news and listening to experts on what all of this means has me confused.

What I do know though, is that the ruling did not eliminate the COVID virus. It is still there, it still dangerous, and it is real. As we learned Friday morning even the President is not immune to catching COVID. 

I know that 65% of Michigan Veterans are over the age of 65, which puts them into the high-risk category if they are infected with COVID.

I would encourage everyone to take precautions, take the lessons learned from all of the E.O.'s put in place and think about your members visiting the Post. I would encourage you to work with your county health departments and use common sense.  There could still be enforcements made by a local health department that could endanger any licenses the Post has. 

When we were in the military, many times we were only told the objective, not how to achieve it, they left the "how" up to us. Well this is one of those times. The objective is to minimize to the best of our ability the spread of the virus. Exactly how that is done is up to each of us.

If a member is sick, please stay home. Continue to clean thoroughly, offer hand sanitizer, and maintain distances between patrons.

Thank you for your passion,

Barry Wood
Department Commander