Friday, December 11, 2020

State Executive Directives Continue Effecting American Legion Posts in Michigan

Post Commanders and Adjutants,

The state director of health and human services director, and Governor Whitmer have issued executive directives that went into effect at 12:01 am, Wednesday, December 9. They are in effect until 11:59 pm, December 20.

What does it mean for American Legion Posts?

Bars and Restaurants must close indoor services. They may continue outdoor service and carry-out.

Gatherings at non-residential venues are prohibited. This means post meetings are prohibited for 12 days, of any size unless held outside and with no more than 25 people.

Bingo is prohibited.

Remember the American Legion Headquarters has the Mission Blue Cap grants:

We know that these directives are hurting many posts that have buildings to maintain, but what can a post do?

We can only offer suggestions:

1.       Continue or start Buddy Checks of members. Maintaining current membership helps in the long run for the health of the post. Remember, this is a check on how they are doing, not to pressure them to renew if they have not.
2.      Do a financial assessment of the post. Cash flow in and out is essential to know where the post stands financially.
3.      Work with the utility companies and creditors early to avoid surprises if cash flow is tight. They might be willing to work with you to help you through these unprecedented times.
4.      Start a bottle and can returnable drive.
5.      Gather a team together and plan how the post can raise revenue when directives are over.

If you would like to voice your concern and the impact that these directives will have on your local post, please contact your local representative, but also include the following:

Governor Whitmer's office 517-335-7858

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey: 517-373-5932,

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield: 517-373-2629,

For God and Country,

Mark Sutton
Public Relations Director
American Legion, Department of Michigan
(517) 220-2747