Sunday, March 7, 2021

1st District Contestant finishes as a finalist at the State Contest held in Lansing

Commander Haeseker,  

I am proud to convey that our 1st District Contestant, Sophie Hughs, a Grosse Pointe South Senior, was a finalist in the State Contest today held in Lansing at the American Legion Department of Michigan Headquarters.  She was sponsored by 1st District Grosse Pointe Post 303. She did a great job representing the 1st District.  As Chairman of the Americanism Committee and her coach, I am really proud of her and her efforts. She was an awesome speaker and did a fantastic job.  Her speech was right on target!!!!! She is a talented young individual taking honor courses, teaching Sunday School, and even holding down a part-time job at TCBY in Grosse Pointe.  She has not yet decided on a college yet and is still in interviewing process. She will do well. 


Dan McCrary 

1st District Americanism Committee 

Grosse Pointe Post 303 Commander

313 492 7462