Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Change is coming to MyLegion for Posts, Districts, and County.


Change is coming to MYLEGION.Org in April.

The American Legion National Headquarters is upgrading the MyLegion.org website and program. The change is expected to occur in April from what we are being told. This change will affect how you log into the web-portal.

What's changing?

There are two changes happening. The first one will how the program operates, but we are told that for Districts, Counties, and Posts, that there will be little change in how the portal is used. 

The second change though you will notice. In the past, each post was assigned a username and password each year for their post. Only the Post Adjutant would receive the credentials to log in. Under the new system, Legionnaires are asked to create a personal account and then that personal account will be linked to what permissions the user has for using MyLegion.org.

For example, National will give permission to the Legionnaire who is the Adjutant of the Post, or a District Commander. There will opportunities for the Post Commander to also can see information in MyLegion without sharing a username and password because of their personal username and password.

What MUST you do before April 1, 2021?

Create a Single Sign-on Legion Account. 

After April 1, the current username and password you use for the district, post, or county MyLegion account will eventually stop working. At which point you would use your single sign-on account.

Visit this website for more information about single sign-on.

Note: If you had registered with Legion.org before December 31, 2020, with a personal account, you must create a new account.

We hope to have more information in the coming weeks. Please note, Mylegion.org will not be available on March 20 for a few days.


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