Monday, May 10, 2021

Update to Department’s 2021 Membership Incentives

Post Commanders & Adjutants:

Due to the complications with the new MyLegion site, The American Legion National Headquarters has extended the 100% date to June 7, 2021. 

Attached are the current standings for the Department's 2021 Membership Incentives. We will begin providing this information on a weekly basis until we reach the May 12 now June 7 100% Target Date.

The reports below are dated March 31, 2021, the last time we had membership numbers.
As a reminder, there are three categories of winners…Highest % Above Goal, Highest Number of Members Above Goal, and Most Improved Post. Each category has three winning positions…1st - $2,000…2nd - $1,000…and 3rd - $500.
Here are a few notable items from the standings:
  • Highest % Above Goal: Multiple Posts are in heated competition for 3rd place in this category.
  • Highest Number Members Above Goal: Two Posts are tied for 1st Place. A Multitude of Posts are competing for a position as we enter the final leg.
  • Most Improved Post: Four Posts are less than 1 Improvement Point away from 3rd Place…Only ONE New Member will make a difference!
  • The April/May FLASH New Member Competition will help your Post move up in the standings.
See the results on these links:

We know this has been one of the most challenging years we can remember, and we truly appreciate the extra effort put forth by all Posts in the Department.

We are confident that your active participation in this month's FLASH New Member Competition will not only earn your Post some much-needed cash but will help you improve your standing in the 2021 Membership Incentive Competition.
Keep up the GREAT work!
Brian A. Mohlman, Membership Director
The American Legion Department of Michigan