Monday, June 21, 2021

COVID-19 Update from Department

COVID-19 Restrictions lifted as of June 22
Post Commanders and Adjutants,

On June 17, Governor Whitmer announced that beginning tomorrow, June 22, at 12:01 am, all emergency orders are rescinded restricting businesses due to the pandemic. The original date for 100% reopening was July 1, which has changed.

What does it mean? All indoor and outdoor capacity limits may go back to 100%.

Masks are not required to be worn by anyone.

The latest order by the health department can be read at this link:,9753,7-406-98178_98455_98456_103043-562057--,00.html

Make it a great day,

Mark Sutton
Public Relations Director

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

MYLEGION UPDATE From the National Office

Update on from National Office
Dear Post Commanders & Adjutants,

The following information is an update from the National office concerning the new MyLegion website. They continue to find problems and apply fixes.

Subject: Memo - Update on Personify
To: All Legion Leadership
From: Director, IT
Date: 6/8/2021
Please continue to encourage those having issues to send an email to to ensure we are tracking the issues being experienced in the field. We are implementing tighter command and control of work items with the expectation that we will be able to do a better job of estimating delivery dates. We are still playing catch up with post "Go Live" tasks targeting the most critical items first. Some items may not appear to be "critical" on the surface, but the underlying data requires attention before we can address other items in the list.
Global Member Search is available to Departments and Posts. NHQ reports have been excluded from this update. The base set of data created to support NHQ is now being used to more rapidly build reports for Departments, Districts, Counties, Posts, Detachments and Squadrons
Completed reports
·        ALL LGN Members CSV
·        Post by District with ALL HQ Transfers
·        Post by District with Encumbered Transfers
·        HQ List
·        Post Current Roster
·        Find Members in my Area
·        Legion 3x10 Labels
Reports in Development (Target delivery by end of June)
  • CPR Progress report
  • 2022 SAL Membership Cards
  • Post Online Transmittal Report
  • Department Membership Report
  • Detachment Membership Report
  • Online Renewal Report
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Transfer Report
  • USAA files
  • State Paper Labels Report
Upcoming Reports for development (Target delivery by July 30)
  • Revitalization reports
  • Committees and Commissions
  • Call List
  • Comm/Officer Lists/Labels
  • Archived Transmittal Report
Development and Data Issue and Task Tracking
The following exhaustive list of items were pulled as "raw" items from the Personify/TAL work tickets:
Implementation Fixes and Tasks in progress
  • Credit Card Error
  • "Cut" webi report vanishes
  • Transmittal History (bug)
  • Continuous Years are not being updated when member renews.
  • Batches switching from Posted to marked for Posting
  • Transfers showing a balance due
  • View Members in Pgo for a Subgroup (Post) isn't pulling any members back.
  • Duplicate Addresses for Department records
  • PUFL - Paid in Full Discount Code
  • WEBI Report launches automatically when opening BI Launcher
  • Extract for Department Revenue Job
  • New DMS Member showing as expire w/no Dept/Post assigned
  • Can't access test database from SQL Manager
  • List Price (Dues Amount) for HQ Admin is 0.00
  • Transmittal History - Transmittal Date Not Correct
  • End date on Leadership Incorrectly changes Segmentation
  • Group Attributes: Add email address and website
  • Hand Keyed DMS issues
  • How to enter District/County Dues
  • Additional Activity (MMIS Comments) records
  • Quick Pay Renewal - A Critical Error has occurred
  • Add Newsletter Error
  • Process to pull DMS Fulfillment Letter
  • Dept Transmittal Performance issue
  • Cache (MyGroups)
  • DMS Fulfillment Extract Process
  • Department leadership can manage users
  • P360 (out of the box) Renewal File Create
  • Magazine Extract
  • Committee - Dept Service Officers missing Dept
  • New City/Zip Code
  • Creating Payment Schedule for existing PUFL TP
  • Unable to create a proforma for expired mbr in PGO
  • Changing a regular member to an Honorary member
  • Duplicate members
  • Fix Email Issues - Dupes and Appended
  • Delta Deceased Members
  • Multiple membership purchases
  • Authority to transfer members
  • Time Out error attempting to transfer an SAL Mbr
  • Log out caching issue
  • Looking up permissions
  • Member address info
  • Duplicate lines - Online transmittal for transfers
  • Signup Session Expired. Please Restart Signup Process.
  • PUFL member transfer showing a balance due
  • The Amateur Radio Club Committee response time
  • Primary Address assignment
  • Email Address entry
  • Member Transfers - Expires
  • Transmittal history- pre go live history needs to be exposed
  • Roster load limits
  • Dept Users having trouble gating to EBiz online Transmittal
  • Managing User Permissions and Web Segmentation
  • Code needed on all pages on all pages for Google ads to load when we do not have a native ad to serve.
  • Orders/Financials - Balances in PPL with full payment and refund
  • RCA - Dr/cr memos not being distributed correctly
  • TAL Statements
  • Add of Constituent record by Department Leadership
  • IDP process and duplications requiring merges
  • Edit Bank Info
In Queue
  • Foreign Posts with Letter/Number Combo
  • PGo issue: Entry of Key Code linked to Market code, does not populate market code
  • PUFL Renewals For April off of MMIS
  • 2021 Dues Not Realized
  • Online batch added to a scanner batch
  • Extract for PUFL Plastic Cards
  • Issues with Direct posting batches
  • Opt in / out page (CR)
  • Support Questions for request to remove
  • Auto-Renew Extract (Rate Differs during Transfer)
  • Dual member, only one dept. can search
  • Batch Control Summary
  • SAL Squadron Rates
  • Online Transmittal Report
  • Declined Transmittal Report
  • Email on Multiple Records
  • Add Orders from PUFL Check Run on 4/1/2021
  • Transmittal Completion Email
  • Segmentation Rules
  • Open Transmittal Email Text
  • Duplicate Service Officers
  • Monthly PUFL Check Run
  • Reactivating a deceased PUFL member
  • DMS proforma orders
  • TAL200- Alias management for SAL related files
  • Missing description (fnd product dept_cash) - converted data
  • Deceased user groups and committees still active
  • Can we add "username or email" to the sign in and password request
  • Fund Raising Acknowledge Letters
  • Default Post Image (PGO)
  • Member renewal activity
  • Committee Positions need attention
  • SAL/TAL member records not consolidated
  • Duplicate memberships in 2019
  • Delta product pricing
  • Dept Leaders and transfers
  • Officers permissions- My Group
  • Individual - Issue with EMAIL_MBR_NOTICES in CUS opt in, no subcode value
  • Individual - Empty records CUS COM
  • Run DI scripts
  • RCA - SAL orders hitting pufl deferred account
Completed tasks pending verification
  • Order/Finance - Receipts that credit cash rather than debit cash
  • Order/Finance - Vouchers crediting cash rather than payable clearing account
  • View Members Listing - Phone # not updated
  • order issue - deletion needed
  • Hyperlink on Name freezes page
  • Add New Member Existing Member displays incorrect name
  • Transmittal Not Posted
  • Address Change error
  • SSO IMS Customer ID not updating
  • SAL and Legion Leadership Groups
  • SAL Detachment Leadership Groups not showing active members
  • Foreign Phone Numbers too short
  • TN Transfer Not Available to TN PGO Users
  • Missing Member Data
  • Online Transmittals waiting to post
  • Last Name for Post getting changed by EBiz user?
  • PUFL join/renewals
  • Error while processing a new DMS membership
  • Online Post Transmittals
  • Need GL and Revenue account - ECD subsystem/product (ALEI): American Legion Extension Institute- Basic Training
  • Unable to perform Duplicate Merge
  • Duplicate SSO IMS Accounts
  • Error Message when attempting to transfer member
  • Dept. Online Transmittal Issues
  • Receipt creation issues from web
  • SAL orders
Completed and verified
  • Form retains previously entered phone number
  • SAL Leadership omitted
  • 100 Miles for Hope
  • Multiple Echeck
  • Add New Member Error Message
  • WEBI Java Error (DEPT)
  • Duplicate continuous_mbr rows
  • Error Transferring PUFL
  • Post Leadership Committees with Incorrect Segmentation
  • SAL Continuous Years
  • Orders/Financials - Duplicate sales for some web orders
  • Find a service officers is not displaying Department Service Officers
  • Donations not working on iOS: XSMax 14.4.2
  • Add New Member to Post with no Members to Renew (DEPT Transmittal)
  • Account access assistance
  • Quick Pay
  • Deceased Member Banner Not Displaying
  • Critical Error on Dept Transmittal page
  • Two active Legion memberships
  • Adding committees to a deceased member
  • Payment options - Foreign Departments
  • No Trashcan (Editing/Deleting work in progress)
  • CPR/CSR Final Updates/Changes
  • Resubmit? (Transmittal)
  • Deceased Member Included in Delta but not showing as deceased
  • Authority to add orders
  • non-merged dual members
  • Committee Extract
  • Not able to get into Launcher (Test Env)
  • Legion Emblem not showing properly on invoices
  • Join Date for new adds
  • Tax ID in PGO
  • Partial payment not changing sale amount
  • Transmittal Receipt/Invoice Display Issue
  • Order is still showing Proforma after Payment taken
  • Financials clean up from Delta conversion
  • Order/Finance - Confirm all current members have mag and confirm TALMandDispatch counts
  • Groups missing
  • Dept. User does not see TAL Departments folder (Data Analyzer)
  • Add SAL to Transmittal History (DEPTS)
  • Transmittal History Display Issues (DEPT)
  • Post Email Not Populated
  • Orders/Financials - Membership orders for 2021 going to revenue instead of deferred
  • ebusiness: FND products
  • National Users.. Insufficient Permissions for Financials.
  • Processing Baseball transactions through Product API
  • Transmittal History - Access Denied
  • Launcher Data Analyzer error
  • eBusiness: 2 CSS changes needed
  • Purchase a Magazine or Dispatch subscription
  • Financials - Debits not matching credits RCA for them
  • Orders/Financials - Full payments from the delta run did not activate order lines
  • Membership converted credit balances
  • Financials - Debits not matching credits Fix them
  • Revenue Distr Date for REnewal Orders
  • Create issues served
  • IMS role issues - Card/ Member benefits not displaying
  • Products/Finance: Membership Premium Products (INV subsystem) are missing GL, Revenue, and "real" COGS and Inv Accounts
  • Individual - Unknown Gender Code
  • Logo Missing for Invoice and Acknowledgment
  • Data Analyzer - Error on Open
  • Product - Invalid parent product message
  • TAL Staff password reset
  • Department users are finding blank drop-down boxes for post selection (add a post) in Online Transmittal
  • As an SAL Member I do not seem to be in the SAL_MEMBER role
  • ebusiness: Logout URL
  • Joe cannot set primary search group for a user in the back office.
  • Receiving reports of permissions issues with department users (adjutants
  • Order/Finance Balance in PPL
  • Member Validation
  • Comments area when cancelling membership orders
  • Add Orders from Post Summary Screen
  • Dept. User Unable to Log In (EBIZ)
  • Existing Lgn Member joined SAL, created a new id# for SAL mbrship.
  • Wrong Address associated to a committee
  • Opt In Opt Out Interest Area
  • Voucher credit AR instead of debiting AR
  • eBusiness: Meta tag viewable at top of donation pages
  • eBusiness: Need to hide links on mobile (Training Question)
  • IMS Role queries - add no lock, review for efficiency and schedule
  • oData Services issue with MembershipInfo object and SAL
  • Restricted Card-Fraud AVS Filtering Service
  • Data Analyzer - TAL Departments Filtered Universe
  • ODBC Error when trying to add table to Universe - Sf 109783
  • Error Modifying Universe
  • Adjustment Batches
  • Transmittal History - Display
  • Search for e-mail on Manage Users page
  • Paper Transmitals
  • Error on Submit (Dept Transmittal)
  • Missing Member Data
  • QDN vs Squadron Number (DEPTS)
  • Dept Transmittal - Incorrect 'amount owed by post'
  • My Groups Not Displayed
  • Need code published to show issues in progress
  • Dept Transmittal Access (TX-Nancy)
  • How do I add a new position code for a Committee
  • Ebiz Display Name
  • Continuous Years Error
  • Updating Post Goals
  • New Function needed in PROD
  • New Posts/Squadrons and Cancellations
  • Dept LA, Post Dropdown Not Populating (Department Transmittal)
  • Missing field in AWARDS universe
  • Quick Pay Formatting iPhone (Renewal)
  • SAL Honorary Life
  • Transferred Member Not In Member List
  • Add New Member Error
  • Adding non-member to transmittal
  • Transfer Error (DEPT)
  • Foreign post transfer issue
  • OR Post 0096 in Department of France
  • Add Dept/Post/Det/Squadron Names to Committee Universe
  • USR_MemberID_Check_Digit function
  • Valid Email Address Is Required
  • NCOA walk thru
  • Create Login Credentials Invite
  • James Bowers 000200817732
  • Deploy Change - Shop Online link
  • Valid Email Address Required Error
  • PGO Data Analyzer asking for sign on credentials
  • Error when marking an address as Primary
  • PGO BI Launcher Error
  • Wrong Email Login Issue
  • PGO Department Order Central should only have "Online Transmittal" and "Transmittal History"
  • Committees without Members
  • SAL orders hitting pufl deferred account
  • Unable to Renew Expired Member
Dave Sutton
Director, Information Technology
The American Legion National Headquarters
Veterans Strengthening America

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Michigan Veterans News and Resources for June 3, 2021 (Biden's First Budget Includes Big Funding Increase For VA)

Vietnam Veteran News

Biden's first budget includes big funding increase for VA

The White House has requested nearly $270 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs budget for fiscal 2022, a 10% increase from 2021 that would fund priorities including the agency's caregiver programs, suicide prevention and GI Bill modernization.


According to, under the fiscal 2022 budget proposal, the VA would receive $113.1 billion in discretionary spending, an 8.2% increase from 2021, not including medical care collections.


With the release of the budget, Congress will deliberate over actual funding and the final language of the spending bill, with a goal to complete it by Oct. 1. In the past several years, however, the House and Senate have not met the deadline for passing most appropriations bills.


The Biden budget is the latest ever released, increasing the likelihood that the VA appropriations bill will not be completed by the deadline.


Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., said he looks forward to hearing from VA Secretary Denis McDonough on the budget proposal, which includes funding for health care, programs and benefits. But, he added, Congress also will focus on other needs at the VA.


"The White House blueprint includes important tools to combat veteran suicide and prevent homelessness, while also investing in claims processing to expedite benefits for thousands of veterans suffering from bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, Parkinsonism – three Agent Orange presumptive conditions covered under my Fair Care for Vietnam Veterans Act," Tester said. "But as Congress considers this proposal, we also need to continue to ensure VA has the capacity to fill health care vacancies and improve infrastructure."


Lawmakers seek solutions to hunger among service members, veterans

There's scant information on how widespread the problem of hunger is among currently serving military families and veteran families, but there are some actions that could help those who are struggling to put food on the table, advocates recently told lawmakers.


As Military Times reported, one such suggestion is providing automatic SNAP benefits, formerly known as food stamps, to service members in the lower ranks as they separate from the military, said Colleen Heflin, professor of public administration and international affairs at Syracuse University. She and other advocates participated in a roundtable discussion of hunger in the military and veteran communities before the House Rules Committee.


They discussed the stigma in asking for help that's perceived by service members, veterans and their families; difficulties families face in qualifying for assistance; and lack of real data to quantify the extent of the problem.


"Across America today, there are spouses and children of service members who may not know where their next meal is coming from," said Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern, D-Mass. "And for too many men and women who served our nation and are back in the civilian community, they and their families are struggling to put food on the table.


Some limited information has been available in recent surveys. For example, 14 percent of active-duty enlisted family member respondents to the online 2020 Blue Star Family Lifestyle Survey said they had food insecurity within the past 12 months. The survey was available online from September 2020 to October 2020, so the responses also reflected pandemic experiences.


Veterans and their families in Michigan who are struggling financially and/or may not be connected to the full benefits they earned for their service can call the MVAA at 1-800-MICH-VET to find out what may be available to them.


mvaa ming

Be aware of veteran pension poaching scams

If you currently receive VA pension payments or if you are thinking about applying for Veterans PensionSurvivors Pension, or Aid and Attendance (A&A) and housebound benefits, you could be the target of a scam known as pension poaching. Don't let scammers take advantage of you. Read on to see how you can protect the benefits you have earned.


What is pension poaching?

Every year, VA distributes a billion dollars in pension payments to help low-income veterans who served in wartime and their families through financial challenges. Pension poaching is a financial scam that targets veterans, survivors and family members who may be eligible for these benefits. The most popular type of pension poaching occurs when dishonest people falsely qualify veterans and survivors for VA pension benefits. These individuals may be attorneys, financial planners or benefits advisors.


Veterans should be on the lookout for people or organizations who:

  • Tell you to move your money around to qualify for VA pension payments.
  • Claim that pension benefits can be deposited into a caregiver's account.
  • Charge you money for assisting with a VA pension claim.
  • Take your credit card information over the phone.
  • Charge you money upfront to represent your claim with VA.


Most poaching scams target veterans and family members who do not qualify for VA pension benefits. If VA approves your pension benefits and later determines that eligibility did not exist, you may be required to repay the benefits to the government.


Read more in the VA's VAntage Point blog.


Former military police officer rises up to help her fellow veterans



As a military police officer in the late 2000s, Meghan Shellington took pride in enforcing the law at a U.S. Army base in Germany. Her fellow soldiers would become the "greatest family" she never knew she needed, she says, while serving overseas was an eye-opening experience that allowed her to immerse herself in other cultures and lifestyles.


But the Army would also bring dark times. Meghan, a Lansing-area native who enlisted during high school, says she was sexually assaulted by a soldier in her unit. She experienced sexual harassment almost daily, was forced to hide a pregnancy from her superiors and repeatedly fought to be treated as an equal.


"Being a female serving, I've been a giant inconvenience the entire time," says Meghan, now 30. "And they made sure to let you know that you were an inconvenience."


Transitioning back into civilian life in 2013 brought its own difficulties. Meghan faced discrimination when she identified as a veteran and couldn't find a good, full-time job as she and her then-husband struggled to provide for their children.


Today, however, the mother of four is financially stable – working as a federal technician for the Michigan National Guard – and helps her fellow veterans meet their basic needs through her role with the Lansing Area Veterans Coalition.


"I finally have reached a phase in my life where I am proud to be a veteran," Meghan says. "And it doesn't matter what people think they know about me."


Meghan is sharing her story as part of MVAA's She is A Veteran campaign. Read the rest of the story here, and watch the accompanying video here.


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