Monday, September 13, 2021

Brookdale Assisted Living Veterans Club

On September 13, 2021, District Adjutant Gary DeMars presented Felix Hurt, a Korean War veteran, with an American Legion Certificate of Honor for his military service duty.  Also present for this presentation were AL members John McInerney, Lauri Rodriguez, and Judy DeMars (AL Auxiliary members).

Brookdale Assisted Living in Northville has a Veterans' club with ten members that served in WWII or Korea. Adjutant Gary DeMars formed a team representing the 1st District that meets with the Brookdale Veterans club monthly to have lunch and hold conversations. If you wish to join this team, please get in touch with Adjutant DeMars.

The team that represents the 1st District are:

Gary DeMars - District Adjutant and Post 32 member.
John McInerney - Post 147 member
Raymond Rodriguez - Post 32 member and Post 32 Honor Guard member.
Larry Tysklind - Post 147 member
Judy DeMars - Post 106 Auxiliary member
Lauri Rodriguez - Post 32 Auxiliary member