Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Urgent Call to Action

URGENT CALL TO ACTION FOR AMERICAN LEGION TO AID OUR SERVICE OFFICER PROGRAM: The Michigan Veterans Coalition (MVC), which is the partnership between the VFW, American Legion, VVA, and DAV that jointly provides service officers for veterans and their families across the State, NEEDS YOUR HELP. The Michigan Veterans Coalition has requested a budget increase to expand service provision across the State. Please call, write, and email your State Senators and State Representatives and ask them to support the Michigan Veterans Coalition and the VFW by approving a budget increase for the Michigan Veterans Coalition. If you do not know who your State Representative or Senator is, you can find their information here: State Senators: https://www.senate.michigan.gov/fysbyaddress.html; State Representatives: https://www.house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/frmFindaRep.aspx


Kim Siedelberg

Assistant to State Adjutant and State Commander

The American Legion, Department of Michigan