Friday, November 5, 2021

Membership Round-Up-Program

Before the Covid19 issues, the 1st District started a membership drive program called "Post Membership Round-Up Program." The program consisted of Post members gathering at Post 32 with a complete list of 225 members, and they spent their time calling these members to request them to transfer to that Post. The program was successful, and the 1st District is ready to set up a new event. 

We are planning on having the Round-Up in March 2022 at a local Post. The District will supply the list of 225 members per Post and also provide lunch. This program event is an excellent opportunity to gain new members. We request that the Commanders reply yes or no if your Posts will participate in this program. Please reply to this email.  Thank you.

Thank You,

Gary DeMars

Adjutant | American Legion 1st District