Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Membership Flash Competition

Could your Post use $1,000 Cash?
Could your Post use $1,000 Cash?
The Department of Michigan's Membership Committee is sponsoring a FLASH Competition, with a single prize of $1,000 awarded to the Post that renews for 2022, the highest percentage of members during the contest period as compared to your 2022 Membership Goal.

 It's easy to do…deploy your Post Membership Team…get on the phone…get the emails going…get the snail mail going…knock on doors!

  •  Here's the Rules of Engagement… 
  • Contest Begins at 1500 on 3 Dec 2021
  • Contest Ends at 2359 on 11 Jan 2022
  • Highest Percentage of Online + Traditional Renewals Wins
  • MyLegion is the Official Source of Data
  •  Postmarks do NOT count

 In the event of a tie, the winning Posts will share the $1,000 equally
 Post Activity is Key to Renewing Members!
If you need ANY assistance with MyLegion entries, please don't hesitate to call 269-579-6458 as soon as possible.
 Good Luck!

The Highest % of renewals WINS!!

 Brian A. Mohlman, Membership Director
The American Legion Department of Michigan

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